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Karissa Jesus

Lash Artist & Esthetician 

-Hi I’m Karissa


-I’ve been lashing since 2015

-my favorite color is rose gold

-my favorite animal is the Lion 

-I love all food! But if I had to choose I would say Mexican and Thai 

-I’ve always had a passion to enhance women’s beauty and boost there confidence. Women are queens and deserve to feel that way! 

-A Fresh hybrid or volume full set is my fav! 

-I had a lady in California who was a widow and she entrusted me to help her feel good about herself. She vented and I listened. when she looked in the mirror with her lashes on she got teary eyed and hugged me so tight, but was more thankful for allowing her to vent. Just then I realized I’m living my purpose and I love doing it! 

-I am born and raised in Southern California. I moved to Vegas In 2018

-Classic Lash extensions are a single false lash that is glued to a single real lash, while Volume lashes are a hand made “fan”, if you will, glued to a single real lash. Both creating an enhanced flattering look to the eyes! 

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