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November 21, 2017

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Q&A with Las Vegas Eyelash Extension Artist Kelsey Sherman

April 14, 2018


1. Name:

Kelsey Sherman


2. Where do you live:

Las Vegas


3. How long have you been doing eyelash extensions?

4 years


3. Favorite Color:



4. Favorite Animal:



5. Favorite Food:



6. What is your favorite part about doing eyelash extensions?

The best part about doing lash extensions is the transformation in clients that we as lash artists are able to facilitate. When women come to us, they most likely are looking for a way to make their life a little easier and make themselves feel a bit better than they already do. What they walk away with is new confidence within themselves, knowing that what they bring to us made those lashes happen, and the lashes are just there to open their eyes to a new perception of true beauty. Of course saving time spent in front of a mirror altering our faces & sleeping in longer is life changing as well!


7. What is your favorite style of eyelash extensions and why?

My personal favorite style of lash extensions is mega volume, and I love a natural sweep as it suits pretty much any face and personal style that one may favor. Mega volume lashes are extremely versatile and so much fun to work with! With mega volume  lashes, the super thin diameter of each extension allows for every individual preference and lash professional recommendations to both be satisfied. Being that the natural lashes of our clients are sometimes damaged from other lash enhancing products, it’s important to be able to work with client expectations and mega volume is a fail proof way to do that. Keeping in mind that natural lash health is always the first priority, we are able to give clients a beautiful set of lashes with mega volume that will never compromise