Get to know our Microblading Brow Queen, Jillian!

1. Name: Jillian S 2. How long have you been Microblading? 2 years 3. What is your favorite color? Orange 4. What is your favorite animal? Serval (wild cat) 5. What is your favorite food? Enchiladas 6. What is your favorite part about Microblading? My favorite part about doing Microblading is when my client’s see their new brows for the first time. Especially when they had little to no eyebrow hair before the microblading service. It’s so satisfying to give back what someone has lost, whatever the circumstances. 7. What is your favorite type of Microblading appointment? My favorite Microblading sessions are the complete brow reconstructions. I have the honor of collaborating with my client t

Q&A with Las Vegas Eyelash Extension Artist Kelsey Sherman

1. Name: Kelsey Sherman 2. Where do you live: Las Vegas 3. How long have you been doing eyelash extensions? 4 years 3. Favorite Color: Blue 4. Favorite Animal: Butterfly 5. Favorite Food: Sweets 6. What is your favorite part about doing eyelash extensions? The best part about doing lash extensions is the transformation in clients that we as lash artists are able to facilitate. When women come to us, they most likely are looking for a way to make their life a little easier and make themselves feel a bit better than they already do. What they walk away with is new confidence within themselves, knowing that what they bring to us made those lashes happen, and the lashes are just there to open th

Eyelash Extensions & What To Expect Your First Time

Eyelash extensions have been around for a hot minute. But as of late, I personally have noticed lash extensions taking Las Vegas by storm. Women in all sorts of industries across Vegas are batting their luscious lashes everywhere they go. Naturally, I had to see what all the hype was about. It’s Las Vegas, so there are a million and one places that do a lot of the same thing. With the lash extension trend being on the up and up, more than a few lash salons have popped up over the past year or two. So how does one go about choosing a lash salon? Do your research! Just because a lash place has “great deals” doesn’t mean they specialize in healthy lash extensions. These are your eyes! Make sure

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