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Eyelash Extensions & What To Expect Your First Time

Kaylie Foster Las Vegas Glam Parlor Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions have been around for a hot minute. But as of late, I personally have noticed lash extensions taking Las Vegas by storm. Women in all sorts of industries across Vegas are batting their luscious lashes everywhere they go. Naturally, I had to see what all the hype was about.

It’s Las Vegas, so there are a million and one places that do a lot of the same thing. With the lash extension trend being on the up and up, more than a few lash salons have popped up over the past year or two.

So how does one go about choosing a lash salon? Do your research! Just because a lash place has “great deals” doesn’t mean they specialize in healthy lash extensions. These are your eyes! Make sure they are in good hands. Yelp, Google+ and Facebook are all great resources to look at people’s experiences. Of course, you have to take some reviews with a grain of salt, but some common sense will hold you in good stead.

Lucky for me, a dear friend opened up a brand new lash spot here in Las Vegas and I was super stoked to give her some local business as well as get all glammed up.

The spot? Glam Parlor – quickly becoming Vegas’ hottest one-stop-shop for all things beauty and glam. Not only does the salon specialize in lash extensions, but they also offer microblading, facial waxing, and facials. (Can I get an “amen” to that?!)

Upon walking into Glam Parlor, it was like entering into an alternate glam universe, complete with gorgeous white marble floors, sparkling chandeliers and even a cotton candy machine (yes there was actual cotton candy and I was totally here for it). With a bright, pink neon sign that says “wake up glam”, how could you not feel like a princess in this amazing salon?

Since I was new to the lash extension world, I opted in for a classic full set of lashes rather than going full volume on my first go-around (granted, I would later go all out for the volume because who doesn’t love having a voluminous set of lashes when looking in the mirror first thing in the morning). I was happily greeted by Amanda, who escorted me to one of the lash rooms. Behind the ceiling-high silver, sparkly curtain, she revealed a super comfy, reclining chair, complete with a cozy white blanket.

After getting comfy in the recliner, Amanda placed gel eye pads under my bottom lashes, made sure I was comfortable with my eyes closed, and began her lash artistry.

(Cue lash nap…)

About an hour and a half later, I woke from a light slumber by way of a calm, cooling mist (the misting at the end of a lash appointment is low-key my fave part). After removing the eye pads, Amanda handed me a mirror and I was completely in awe! Hello longer, darker lashes! (I love my natural lashes, don’t get me wrong, but having a more doe-eyed, glam look was certainly welcome)

For the next week or two, I couldn’t stop looking at my lovely lashes. People kept complimenting me on how beautiful they were and, I mean, who doesn’t love getting compliments?

Overall, my experience getting lashes was nothing short of amazing, and I have continually come in for my fills every 2-3 weeks. Having luscious lashes is certainly worth the upkeep! I almost rarely have to wear eye makeup and that, in of itself, is worth the time saved.

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