3 Tips to Keep Your Lash Extensions Healthy This Spring in Las Vegas

With all of the wear and tear we tend to put our lashes through, it’s super important to remember to keep those extensions healthy! Your lashes deserve a little TLC. Prep those beauties to look and feel their best before summer kicks in with these 3 tips:

Proper Cleansing: Cleansing your lashes really helps to ensure better overall lash retention with your eyelash extensions. Dirty lashes can weigh heavy on your lash extensions, thus increasing the likelihood of your eyelash extensions falling off at a faster pace. SO, if you tend to wear eye makeup along with your lash extensions, keep ‘em clean!

  • Cleanse your eyelash extensions with a lash bath solution once a day.

  • Always remove all makeup before bed using an oil free makeup remover

Here at Glam Parlor, we provide each of our lash clients with a lash care after kit to keep those beauties fresh and clean.

Daily Brushing: Usually, it is always in good taste to brush your lash extensions once or twice a day. This helps to keep each of the eyelash extensions in their proper place. Throughout the day, your lash extensions can get a bit out of order even when you’re not thinking about it. So put those trusty eyelash wands to use! (Tip: I usually keep an eyelash wand in my car and one in my bathroom so I never forget to brush them. Whether I’m out and about or hanging at home, I always remember).

Avoid Oil-Based Products: You’ve heard the saying “oil and water don’t mix” right? Well, the same goes for oils and lash extension adhesives; they truly do not mix. Lash adhesives break down when exposed to any oils or oil-based products, so if you use face moisturizers with oil in them or liquid foundation that has some sort of oil base in it, STEER CLEAR! These products will affect your lash extension retention, and you’ll be back in the lash chair before you know it (which, to be honest, isn’t entirely a bad thing when it comes to getting to take a lash nap, but who wants to come in every other day for extensions?! Certainly not me)

BONUS TIP: For an extra boost to not only condition your lashes, but to promote healthy lash growth, invest in a bottle of Revitalash. I promise you, this isn’t paid advertising. I personally swear by this bottle of wonder for my lashes. It is one of the few lash conditioners out there with the least amount of ingredients that does the job and does it well. And as a double-DOUBLE bonus, you can use Revitalash with your extensions!

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