Microblading: How To Choose An Experienced Artist

What is a microblading artist, and Microblading is a form of permanent makeup that provides a means to partially or fully camouflage missing eyebrow hair with the appearance of simulated hair using fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigments. Microblading will leave you with beautiful, sculpted, natural-looking brows, eliminating the need to pencil in what you lack. This technique has quickly risen to the top of the brow trends in Las Vegas. People in all trades are loving the natural look that Microblading offers. The results make it very hard to tell the difference between your existing hair and the hair-like strokes that have been implanted. The fact that Microblading results last up to 3 years and you aren't worried about your brows melting off after a workout or swim, this treatment has gotten our attention! Well, you've seen all the posts on your social media feed and are interested in getting it done, now you need to figure out how to choose an artist. Where do you start? We [Glam Parlor] asked our lead Microblading Artist, Jillian, to shed some light on the subject. Do's and Don'ts 1. Do some research. This is your face after all! The good thing is that you have the power to choose who you are going to trust to do this very detailed treatment. When Microblading got popular, we saw a lot of 3 day "intensive" Microblading courses pop up in town. Aspiring artists will take these overcrowded classes and start taking Microblading clients immediately after without supervision. This is VERY illegal and unsafe for the unknowing clients. By law, you are required to apprentice under a licensed artist for six months. Not only will the apprentice be closely supervised, but they need to practice on a certain number of models throughout their apprenticeship in order to learn proper technique and safety/sanitation protocol. Our lead Microblading artist at Glam Parlor has been in the business of brow design for over 8 years! Needless to say, you're in good hands. 2. Do some Instagram stalking! Looking at before and after photos will give you some insight into their style. Every artist is unique, as the work is done by hand. Make sure that their results resonate with you. The level of experience will also be obvious once you see their work. 3. Do get a microblading consultation. Your artist will answer any questions that you have about the treatment before you commit. They will also help you to determine a shape and color that will compliment your bone structure and facial features best. 4. Don't make the mistake of settling on a Microblading artist based on their price. Again, this is your face! You will be looking at their work for the next 3 years so you don't want to be frugal in this case. 5. Don't go to the microblading artist's residence for the service. We've heard horror stories about the results that an inexperienced artist will produce from an unlicensed "studio". This is illegal and very unsafe. A licensed Microblading room has been inspected by the Health Department and determined up to protocol for safety and sanitation. PLEASE turn around and go home if your GPS is taking you to a house! 6. Don't forget to ask to see the artist's healed microblading results. The immediate results may look great in many artist's before and afters, however, an experienced artist will produce beautiful results that last. An inexperienced artist will struggle to identify the proper depth for each stroke which can cause the strokes to blur together if too deep or fade away completely if too shallow. We hope that sharing these insights will help you to make a good choice when deciding who's hands the fate of your brows will be in.

Feel free to book a Microblading consultation with Jillian at no charge! 702.969.3133

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